More than an incoming agency in Barcelona

Do you want to know why?

Your Best Partner in BCN

We are a big small agency specialised in real tourism in Barcelona in Catalonia. Through our incoming department, we offer our own touristic, sportive and cultural experiences, 100% designed by us.

What do we offer?

  • Integral travel design
  • Getaways and trip packages
  • Active tourism experiences
  • Accommodation / transfers / other services

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We offer what we would like to receive anywhere else in the world.  Personalised treatment and closeness is fundamental. For this reason, “how” your experience happens is equally important as “what” the experience is.

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Why Turismeactiu?

Why not?

  • Authentic

    While we respect group tours and touristic activities that are unconnected to the area, we prefer to take tourism in another direction. Our experiences are relevant to the specific region alone.

  • Exclusive

    We are within close proximity and constantly available for you. It is a guaranteed part of your experience to receive warm and friendly treatment from us.

  • Closer

    We are within close proximity and available to you. We always give you warm and friendly treatment, as part of your experience.

  • Plural

    We do not limit ourselves to sports. As previously mentioned, culture and gastronomy are important parts of active tourism. We always include a diversity of experiences wherever possible.

  • Accessible

    Often people don’t know what they are capable of… We offer you the possibility to discover new experiences without needing any previous training. We always adapt to to your level.


The capital of a great Land

More than a city

An international benchmark. A city that looks to the future but simultaneously has a rich history to show for itself. Thanks to its unique essence, we can explore it from different angles – cultural, gastronomical and sportive.

A Land with ldentity

Sea, countryside, mountain…Catalonia has different touristic options, offering massive potential for you to discover the distinctive characters of each area – rich histories and unique cultures. It offers drastically varied landscapes and atmospheres, amazingly close to each other.

Enjoy all year round

Due to the terrain and weather conditions, Barcelona and Catalonia has become a leading tourist attraction throughout the four seasons. Winter sports, adventure, world heritage “fiestas”, and unique gastronomy await you.

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+34 666 123 618